November 01, 2000

  • 1 min read

Bozo criminal for today is our first ever from the Bozo Radio Station Employees file. From Boise, Idaho comes the story of father and son Byron and Rich Carson who were both employees of a local radio station. These bozos convinced a couple of their teen aged listeners to call an 800 number and then use the "phrase that pays" when the number was answered to win a prize. What they didn’t make clear was that the 800 number they gave out was for the White House. And the phrase that the listener was supposed to say to win was, "I’m going to kill the president." Needless to say, the Secret Service takes such calls quite seriously and after determining that the callers had no idea they were phoning the White House, decided to go after our radio bozos. These guys won’t be pulling any more on-air pranks for a while. After the secret service visited the station they were fired.