February 23, 2001

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Bozo criminal for today comes from Tyler, Texas where bozo Roberto Rodrigues returned to his home to find it being burglarized. Thinking quickly, he blocked the suspect vehicle in the driveway with his own truck and called the cops. In the meantime, the burglars fled on foot. When the cops arrived, our bozo gave them a description of the thieves and then allowed the police into his home to take a look around. And that’s when his troubles really began. In plain sight in the house were several bags of marijuana and a plastic baggie containing an unknown powdery substance. Busted! But we’re not done yet. The officers were then called to a nearby home where 18 year old bozo Florencio Lopez reported his car as being stolen. (Remember the vehicle was left behind). Officers immediately recognized him from the description of one of the burglars. He was arrested,too.