Good Thing None of Them Were Snappers

  • 1 min read

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Bozo Kal Xu had a problem. He had received a shipment of 51 turtles, which can bring up to $800 apiece in Asia and had to figure out a way to get them across the US-Canadian border. What he didn’t know was that the Fish and Wildlife Service had received a tip that someone had received a package of turtles from Alabama and they staked out the UPS office. He walked out of the office with a large box and then went behind a couple of large UPS trailers. When he emerged, he was walking slowly and there were numerous visible lumps beneath his sweat pants. Yep, he had duct taped the turtles to his legs and crotch and was hoping to sneak them across into Canada for shipment overseas. Didn’t work. He’s under arrest and the turtles are in protective custody.