First, Be Sure to Practice Your Throwing Skills

Bozo criminals for today come from Madisonville, Kentucky, where a bozo man and woman team obviously had a beef with the owner of a newly opened barber shop. Security footage shows our bozos pull up outside the building in a white minivan. The woman breaks the back window of the business while her bozo partner emerges from the van holding a lit Molotov cocktail. He tosses the flaming bottle thru the window and then tries to throw a second one. And that’s when things started to go bad. The second toss misses the window, splashing the man with the burning liquid. He is seen running to some nearby grass where he stops, drops, and rolls to put out the flames. He then returns to the van, tossing away a flaming sock on the way. Thinking this was just not his day, he takes another bottle of flammable liquid and pours it out before they flee in the van. Police are hoping someone will be able to ID our bozos from the video footage.