47 Beers Was OK. It Was Number 48 That Did Him In

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in South Otago, New Zealand. It seems bozo Karl Lansford had borrowed a Subaru from a friend six months ago and hadn’t returned it. Unfortunately, the rightful owner of the car showed up to retrieve it just as our bozo was returning home from a big night of drinking. Big, as in 48 beers. Not surprisingly, drunk bozo was in no mood to negotiate the return of the car. Before the owner could drive away, our bozo grabbed an axe from the garage and did extensive damage to the vehicle. And for good measure, he also took the axe to an innocent Nissan which had the misfortune of being parked nearby. The cops were called and our bozo was sentenced to 12 months’ supervision, 150 hours’ community work and ordered to pay $1500 for the damage he caused with the axe.