3 4, 1997

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Bozo criminals for today come to us courtesy of Bozo News Hawk Cassie Tatum of Arlington, Texas who e-mailed this report to Bozo headquarters. It seems a group of narcotics officers made a routine drug bust at a crack house in Dallas. Two officers were just standing around in front of the house in their regular uniforms–the black ones with the words "NARCOTICS" printed in bold letters on the back and front–when a couple of Bozos drove up. The Bozos parked in the driveway right next to a marked police car, hopped out and walked up to the narcotics officers and said, "Is Jimmy still sellin’?" Officers said sure and sent the Bozos around the back where they were promptly arrested. But the parade of Bozos did not end there. By the end of the day, 14 carloads of Bozos had been arrested in the same way!