April 17, 2000

  • 2 mins read

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Santiago Minguela of California for sending in today’s report. Mr. Minguela is a former public defender and tells us of a case from his personal files. From Vallejo, California comes the story of bozo Robert Jacobsen who was dealing crack on a street corner when a plainclothes officer drove by, bought some crack and arrested him. While out on bail our bozo returned to the same street corner and was once again approached by the same police officer. Our bozo said, "Oh, no! You’re the guy who busted me last time!" The officer convinced him that he was not the same guy, just someone who looked like him. The bozo then sold him the crack and was once again arrested. Our bozo was released from jail one more time and, you guessed it, returned to the same street corner where the same police officer once again approached him. The bozo said, "This time you can’t fool me. I know you’re the same guy who’s arrested me twice." The officer admitted that, yes, he was the same officer but he was off duty, so that made it OK. Our hapless bozo considered this for a moment and sold him the crack. This time he was sent up for six years. When he gets out, we have one word of advise for him: Stay away from that corner!