November 30, 2001

  • 1 min read

Thanks to several bozo News Hawks for passing this one along. From Novi, Michigan comes the story of bozo Tom Hamilton who was the assistant manager at a gas station. Needing some cash to feed a gambling habit our bozo stole $6000 in receipts that he was supposed to deposit. It was his effort to cover up the crime that landed him in the bozo Hall of Fame. Our bozo parked his car in a parking lot, hopped in the trunk and closed the lid. He then started to yell for help, attracting the attention of a passerby who called the cops. When the police arrived and released our bozo he told them he had been robbed and locked in the trunk…five days ago. Fine. Except that the woman who heard his cries and called the cops told them she saw him pull the car into the parking lot less than five minutes before. He’s been arrested.