A Quick Bozo How-To

  • 1 min read

We present for you this morning a handy step by step guide for how to get yourself arrested. Today’s bozo in Acton, Maine took the first step by getting drunk and stripping down to his underwear. Step two, head over to a nearby house at 4:45 in the afternoon and, still clad only in your underwear, attempt to break-in. Step three, make enough noise to alert the homeowner who, after getting a good look at you on his Ring doorbell, calls the cops. Step four, flee in your vehicle, which was parked in plain sight, which allowed the homeowner to give the cops a good description. Step five, crash said vehicle into a nearby lake. And, finally, step six, swim to shore where the police are waiting to place you under arrest. Congratulations! You have completed our step by step guide to going to jail!