April 07, 2000

  • 1 min read

Thanks to officer "Jofa" from Boston, Massachusetts who tells us today’s bozo comes from personal experience. Bozo criminals John Harrison and Paul Harper snatched a car but were spotted in the act by the owner, who gave chase in his other vehicle, calling the police on his cell phone to advise them of the bozo’s location. Knowing that they were being followed, our bozos got a little careless and ran the car into a snowbank, getting it stuck. After a couple of attempts to free the car, our bozos placed the running vehicle in reverse and jumped out to try to help push it out of the snow. In the process slamming the doors shut and locking themselves out. And that’s how the cops found our hapless bozos, trying to break back into the vehicle, which was still running, with the wheels spinning, stuck in a snowbank.