April 18, 2001

  • 1 min read

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Jack Decker for sending in today’s report from Muskegon, Michigan. A couple of bozos hatched an almost perfect plan for stealing goods from the local Wal-Mart. Using their home computer, they printed up official looking Wal-Mart receipts for $2000 worth of computer equipment and a DVD player. They then headed to the store and loaded the items into a shopping cart, planning to show the phony receipts to the security guard as they headed out the door. Guess they were really excited about pulling off the heist as they got to the store a little early. The time printed on the bogus receipts was 3:03 PM. They tried to sneak past the guard at a little past 2:50. A bozo time warp, if you will. They’re keeping track of time in jail now.