Maybe He Wanted a Really Unique Christmas Present For His Dog

Bozo criminal for today comes from Bozeman, Montana, where our bozo was involved in a hit and run. But in this case, what was “hit” was a fire hydrant. Cops were called to the scene where they found someone had indeed rammed their vehicle into a fire hydrant. That, in itself, is not too unusual. It was what happened afterward that landed him in the Bozo Report. Apparently, after the fire hydrant was broken off, our bozo somehow grabbed it and threw it into his car before speeding away. Take the evidence with you, right? Wrong. He took the hydrant but he left behind the bumper of his Dodge Nitro. Oops. Police say the hydrant is valued at $1500 and if our bozo would simply return it they would consider making a deal for a lesser charge.