It Was Those Extra Christmas Pounds That Caused the Problem

Bozo criminal for today comes from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, where not only did our bozo thief have an epic fail, it was all caught on security cameras. Our bozo smashed the front door of a cell phone store only to be confronted by a security gate. Undeterred, he first tries to push through. When that doesn’t work, he discovers that if he pushes the flexible gate far enough it creates just enough room for him to crawl underneath. Now, inside, he goes to work. Only problem, all the pricey phones have been safely locked away. Now, with alarms ringing, he makes a quick change in plans and decides he better get out of there, quick. Unfortunately, the gate can’t be pushed far enough forward for to be able to slide underneath, in fact, he momentarily gets stuck beneath the gate. He finally frees himself and runs around the store, apparently looking for the key to the gate. And then time runs out. The cops pull up and he is placed behind another gate, this one at the police station.