You Know Those Chihuahuas Are Very Popular In the Circus Nowadays

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Perth Scotland, where Bozo Phillip McDonald was trying to sneak a cell phone into Perth Prison by attaching it to a drone. Guards spotted the drone and cops were called. It was then that our bozo sprang into action to craft his Bozo Excuse. He landed the drone, threw it into the trunk of his car and then immediately drove onto a dead end street. He jumped a fence and attempted to hide in some bushes but was quickly found. It was then that he went into elaborate detail about just what he was doing. He said he was looking for his stolen chihuahua that he believed had been taken prisoner by members of a Romanian circus. And the circus troupe just happened to be camped out near the prison. And as for his reason for being in the bushes? He said he had downed a litre of vodka while searching and had collapsed. Surprisingly, the cops didn’t believe his story. He’s been charged with trying to fly a drone into a prison.